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You need a General Contractor with experience when looking for New Construction for your business. There are special skills to complete the project. There are a lot of factors, both tangible and intangible to consider before you hire a professional construction contractor to work on your new building. At S. A. Casey Construction, we aspire to be your New Construction General Contractor.
The picture on the top of this page shows the new construction of a new retail building built in the City of Winter Garden at the busy intersection of SR 50 and Dillard Street. We constructed the building to house 1000 Degree Pizza and Chipotle. It consists of a masonry and steel structure with EIFS, EIFS trims, and stone around the entire building. The 8,000 square foot project was tight to work on as we were between two existing and operational restaurants. And the picture above shows a 7,500 square foot new retail construction building built on an out parcel inside an existing shopping center that S. A. Casey Construction renovated two years prior. The anchor tenant is Dunkin Donuts. We built out 4 additional vanilla shell spaces along with a drive through structural canopy for Dunkin Donuts.

We are a very diversified General Contractor that can help so many types of business. In the pictures that follow, first you will notice a new construction project on a small lot in the City of Orlando. With many site constraints and City of Orlando development and permitting processes that had to be overcome, the 10,000 square foot Daycare project was one of our most successful. The Daycare has a playground, parking lots onsite and offsite, an equipment area on the roof, and many offsite utility connections that made the project difficult. S. A. Casey Construction worked through all the hurdles and produced an amazing building that will last forever. Inside are many colorful classrooms with custom mill work. The floors have Luxury Vinyl Tile and tall wood baseboards. Immediately following is a 4,000 square foot project. It consisted of two new buildings and a large steel canopy to cover the porch where people watch water skiers on the lake. One building houses the kitchen and bathrooms while the other houses the retail and storage areas. As part of the complex there is a climbing tower, water ski cables, and a floating obstacle course on the lake. Much care and protection took place at the job site since we were right on a lake.
New Construction to fulfil your vision of a new business building is a big step. It’s a major investment in your future. As a General Contractor, we will ensure your project is professionally managed from timelines, budgets, and all other sub-contractor connections that will allow for a pleasurable experience during a complicated process.

In this next picture you will notice one of the 14 Twistee Treat Ice Cream Restaurants we have completed all over the State of Florida. The front part of the building is a fiberglass cone and ice cream, the rear is prefabricated insulated panels. Together, we build this onsite on a concrete slab, complete all the interior finishes, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. While less than 600 square feet, the sitework is different on every project. Some of the sites are in existing parcels that have all the utilities on site and others are on raw land that have no utilities. Each project is unique but very similar. We continue to build these projects now and in the future.
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What People Say

"Please accept this letter of professional reference for Shawn Casey and SA Casey Construction. We began a: professional relationship that continues today. My professional affiliation with SA Casey has been both as a construction manager with a national developer and as the pre􀀟ident of my own construction management company. Working together over the past five years I have observed nothing less than outstanding performance as a General Contracting Company. I would also emphasize that this organization holds integrity and professional ethics in their highest regard. During our relationship I have had the opportunity to witness SA Casey's strengths in the areas of problem solving and managing their contracts with diligence, fairness to all involved and all along maintaining timely execution and completion of projects. Additionally, I would add that I have only received positive feedback from the Sub-Contractors that work with SA Casey. I have never received a complaint regarding a sub-contractor who was not paid or at least not arbitrated fairly if there was a dispute of some kind. To my knowledge, to date, SA Casey is in good credit standing with all vendors, subs and landlords which he performs work with. A few recent large and complicate􀀻 projects that have been performed by SA Casey that I have managed are: GSA-Department of Homeland Security, ICE/DOJ courtrooms and legal staff facilities relocation - a 32,000 SF building that was demolished to its outer shell and completely renovated per plans, final costs were approximately $2.5 million; Progressive Insurance, a full floor that encompassed nearly 30,000 SF, project was a complete interior demo and tenant interior build out approximate cost $783,000.00; Urban Trust Bank Corporate Office expansion, 1st generation tenant interior build out in a Silver LEED Class "A" building, this project was all high end finishes with emphasis on LEED principals, cost was approximately $230,000.00. These are only a few projects that are notable but the main reason for listing these is they were all projects with very short build schedules as well as difficult budgets and very complicated design products."
Curtis H.
"Thanks so much for your help in building our Twistee Treat Buildings.  Your desire to help us perfect our design has been invaluable.  You have worked on 13 of these projects and feel you are a huge asset to our team for now and in the future.  Thanks so much.  "
Marcia F.
"Your team did a fantastic job in completing our new 10,000 sf building here in the City of Orlando.  There were so many difficult moments with the City permitting but you always found a way to work through the problems and deliver a building I am so proud of."
Rick M.