The City of Kissimmee is rich in interesting history. It was originally a small trading post. After the Civil War, this area was included in a purchase of four million acres of marshland for $1 million at 25 cents an acre! The infusion of money to the State of Florida reportedly rescued it from financial disaster. By 1920 the population of Kissimmee increased to more than 2,700 people. Since Walt Disney World’s debut in 1971, the City’s population doubled from 7,500 to 15,000 in early 1980 and the doubled again in the 1980s to 30,000. Now it is over 70,000. To learn more about this wonderful location, please visit the City of Kissimmee website here.
S. A. Casey Construction is conveniently located in neighboring Orlando. We strive to be among the best Commercial General Contractors to support all forms of business in the Kissimmee community. Let us be your partners in deciding what commercial construction needs will work best for you.

We begin showing a conversion from a Restaurant to a Retail Construction project. The picture on the top of this page features an 8,000 sf old Mexican Restaurant that was turned into a Retail Center for 5 tenants. It also includes a Fiberglass Twistee Treat Cone on the corner of the building. S. A. Casey has completed 14 Twistee Treat Ice Cream Stores all over Florida with the last one being in Homosassa, Florida. The S. A. Casey team work together to make sure the fiberglass construction met the concrete and steel construction perfectly.

Schools and Government and Entertainment Companies also have worked with S. A. Casey Construction. For those specific projects please visit the Orlando location page.

Staying on with our Kissimmee specific projects we now continue on with a well-known national restaurant called Noodles and Company. This was our third Noodles and Company Restaurant we built. All feature a large hood system with specific ventilation needs. The second set shows the Reception Desk we created for another local medical office business. We remodeled the entire space including 10 exam rooms.
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What People Say

"The Kissimmee store was your best performance of the three stores, you are really doing well with the construction and quality, keep up the good work."
Dave C.
"Thanks so much for your help in building our Twistee Treat Buildings. Your desire to help us perfect our design has been invaluable. You have worked on 13 of these projects and feel you are a huge asset to our team for now and in the future. Thanks so much."
Marcia F.