Lake Mary

The City of Lake Mary began primarily as a citrus-based agricultural community. In the early seventies, as the Disney development surge pushed northward, Lake Mary began to transform into a semi-rural bedroom community serving Orlando. During the late eighties and early nineties the City experienced tremendous growth in residential development as well as an economic development center with hundreds of thousands of square feet of office, retail and industrial uses.  To learn more about this wonderful location for a growing business, please visit the City of Lake Mary website here.
S. A. Casey Construction is conveniently located in neighboring Orlando.  We strive to be among the best Commercial General Contractors to support all forms of business in the Lake Mary community. Let us be your partners in deciding what commercial construction needs will work best for you.

We begin showing Jimmy Hula’s low-key beach themed Restaurant and Bar, built in a shopping center in Lake Mary, Florida.  The most interesting part of the project was cutting openings and installing glass paned garage overhead doors so the restaurant could be opened to the outside during cool weather.  The décor on the walls, ceilings and bar were fun too but tricky to put together.   The entire restaurant construction project was 2,500 square feet.

Schools and Government and Entertainment Companies also have worked with S. A. Casey Construction.  For those specific projects please visit the Orlando location page.

Staying on with our Lake Mary specific projects we now continue on with a Class A office building reception desk with two levels using wood, stone and laminate to create a dynamic look. The second pictures shows a reception desk along with a wood laminate rear wall and a wood laminate ceiling. The ceiling was the most difficult piece of all the work as it had reveals that had to line up with every piece of the ceiling.
In this next picture we show a large conference room where most of the difficult work was done to the air conditioning to make it large enough for a full group of people yet able to comfort a small group also.
And finally in this next picture we show the Noodles and Company Restaurant we built from a grey shell. All the finishes were completed by the SA Casey team.
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What People Say

"The restaurant build out was complete and quick. Your team did a wonderful job."
Dave C.
"Your constant attention to detail is shown in final touches of the work in our new office, thanks for all the hard work."
Lisa S.