You need a General Contractor with experience when looking for a Tenant Build Out. There are special skills to complete the project. There are a lot of factors, both tangible and intangible to consider before you hire a professional construction contractor to work on your building. At S. A. Casey Construction, we aspire to be your Tenant Build Out General Contractor.
The picture on the top of this page shows a 5,000 square feet project that started with a grey shell and the owner purchasing 6 condo units to put all into one project. Careful planning was made to make sure we could reuse firewalls to save costs. The design called for many small exam rooms with high end finishes including the round soffit ceilings seen in the picture above at the reception desk. This office took 10 weeks to build out and was on schedule and under budget. The picture above shows a high-end dental office that Heartland Dental has been building all over the United States. S. A. Casey Construction did a second location for Heartland Dental in Ocala, that was identical in specifications. There were many wood trims and wainscoting panels in the space in a deep mahogany color. The reception desk shown is a combination of wood, plastic laminate, ceramic tile and marble. The project was 3,500 square feet. 

We are a very diversified General Contractor that can help so many types of business. In the pictures that follow, first you will notice a 7,500 square feet project, located in Avalon Park in Orlando, Florida. It was a six-room apartment and kitchen area for people recovering from head injuries. The picture shown is the kitchen and dining area for the people living in the apartments. Each individual apartment had a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen and living room. The build out was on the 3rd floor of the medical building with the medical offices of Neuro Restorative on the first floor. And immediately following is a 3,500 square feet project, located in Orlando, Florida. It is a renovation of an existing basic office in a two-story office building. The picture shown is the break room and dining area for the employees. The tenant did an excellent job in selecting the finishes on this project. This was a fast track project completed in only eight weeks from receipt of the building permit.
A Tenant Build Out to fulfill your vision of a new, growing or changing business building is a big step. It’s a major investment in your future. As a General Contractor, we will ensure your project is professionally managed from timelines, budgets, and all other sub-contractor connections that will allow for a pleasurable experience during a complicated process.

In this next picture you will notice a renovation on the 4th floor of a class A building in Lake Mary, Florida. It was a fast-paced project for a large national Engineering Firm. We worked the large open areas first so we could be complete early for the large amount of cubicle furniture that owner was furnishing, and we were installing and wiring. Great coordination was needed to be working in the many areas of the space and all of them having to be complete at the same time. The project was 20,000 square feet.
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What People Say

"Shawn, thanks so much for the new grill and installation. I ordered a cover for it and got it today so it will protect it a little from the weather and ordered an extra one.  Can’t wait for you to try it out. Also, the fireplace is awesome.  We have more people sitting in there now than before which is what I thought would happen.  It is so healing.   Your employees were OUTSTANDING.  He was so efficient and went above and beyond and fixed our recessed lights that have been out for 16 years and our engineers kept telling me they could not be fixed.  He also cleaned up and repainted the wall and the baseboard that he had to take off.   What a courteous and efficient staff you have.   I can’t thank you enough for all you do for Hubbard House. "
Peggy S.
"If there such a thing as perfection, it would be the start to finish flooring project with Casey Construction. From my initial email, Ray's confidence in getting an exact match of the flooring to the final execution with Jim and Spectra, I feel I got my money's worth and then some. I had no stress on this project. Thank you for running such an efficient."
Mara W.

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