You need a General Contractor with experience when looking for a Tenant Build Out. There are special skills to complete the project. There are a lot of factors, both tangible and intangible to consider before you hire a professional construction contractor to work on your building. At S. A. Casey Construction, we aspire to be your General Contractor for any specialty construction project.

Here we feature the new Museum of Illusions located on International Drive in Orlando. This page will introduce you to the work our company did while also amazing you with the fascinating world of illusions.

The image above shows the exterior modifications including new signage, facade painting, and graphics on the walls and storefront. Now come inside to have a very unique experience while we introduce our Commercial Construction business.

The Ames room exhibit is built with graphics on all walls and the ceiling with recessed strip lighting. The entire floor is tilted to give the illusion of the tall person and small people.

The next image could be seen as a very modern reception area, but it is a great example built in millwork triangle shelving and triangle millwork counters. The triangle drywall soffits match the triangles on the ceiling, floor, and countertop. The ceiling is plexiglass with a black ceiling grid.
This Tilted Room will shake your faith in the laws of physics, as your brain and eyes make unconscious inferences about whether you are standing on a flat or a sloped surface. You will witness things that are physically impossible including balls rolling upwards and water flowing uphill. Nobody can believe it until they have seen it with their own eyes! Here you will see a tilted glass wall that we built.
The Beuchet chair exhibit is an illusion with the camera. The placement of the chair, the chair legs, and chair back have to be exact or the illusion will not work.
The Infinity room is a six sided mirror wall with a mirrored door. The ceiling is white plexiglass with black painted metal inserts. The orange floor is a vinyl floor with welded rods. The picture goes on forever!
The Reverse room is one of the coolest exhibits we built at Museum of Illusions. The window is actually the ceiling and the chair is bolted to the wall. The girl in green is actually laying on the floor.
The Symmetry Room works with a mirror and a steel ladder built behind the wall that people can hang from for the illusion.
The Color Room is fun to take a picture of your shadows in all different colors.
This Head on the Plate Exhibit is a fun picture, graphics and mirrors in the correct location make this illusion work.
The clone table has two mirrors that had to be perfectly at 60 degrees to make this illusion work. It looks like you are playing cards with six of you.

Stop by and let them know SA Casey Construction sent you there to check out the new local attraction, the Museum of Illusions.

A tenant build out can be a big step and a major investment in your future. As an Award Winning General Contractor, we will ensure your project is professionally managed from timelines, budgets, and all other sub-contractor connections that will allow for a pleasurable experience during a complicated process.

S. A. Casey Construction is also located in Orlando. We strive to be among the best Commercial General Contractors to support all forms of business. Let us be your partners in deciding what commercial build out will work best for you.


What People Say

"Shawn, thanks so much for the new grill and installation. I ordered a cover for it and got it today so it will protect it a little from the weather and ordered an extra one.  Can’t wait for you to try it out. Also, the fireplace is awesome.  We have more people sitting in there now than before which is what I thought would happen.  It is so healing.   Your employees were OUTSTANDING.  He was so efficient and went above and beyond and fixed our recessed lights that have been out for 16 years and our engineers kept telling me they could not be fixed.  He also cleaned up and repainted the wall and the baseboard that he had to take off.   What a courteous and efficient staff you have.   I can’t thank you enough for all you do for Hubbard House. "
Peggy S.
"If there such a thing as perfection, it would be the start to finish flooring project with Casey Construction. From my initial email, Ray's confidence in getting an exact match of the flooring to the final execution with Jim and Spectra, I feel I got my money's worth and then some. I had no stress on this project. Thank you for running such an efficient."
Mara W.