Water Reclamation Center

You need a General Contractor with experience when looking for your highly specialized Commercial Renovation. There are unique skills to complete the project. There are a lot of factors, both tangible and intangible to consider before you hire a professional construction contractor to work on your building. At S. A. Casey Construction, we aspire to be your Commercial Renovation General Contractor.

Here we feature our renovation of the Orange County Water Reclamation Center in Orlando.

The aerial image above introduces our 7 building renovation of the Orange County South Water Reclamation Facility in Orlando, Florida. The renovation consisted of 2 large buildings having the roof replaced, mechanical and electrical systems being replaced and all new ceilings while protecting the walls, carpet and furniture below.

The administration building was the location of most of our work in the 7 buildings we did renovations in. This building has multiple roof areas, new mechanical systems, new overhead electrical lighting systems, and a new acoustical ceiling all while protecting the flooring and furniture that was existing.

The conference room in the administration building received new lighting, air conditioning, and an Acoustical Ceiling.

The next image shows the pump room received all new paint and fire alarm work. Working in this room required our workers to also have ear protection from all the noise. The second image is a wastewater building showing how precise our electrical conduit runs had to be when we were modifying this structure. We added all new fire alarm systems in the building also.
Orlando General Contractor Renovation for Pump Building
Water Reclamation Center
Next we head outside. The first image is the finished product of one of the many roof systems we installed on the project. And the second image is a higher aerial view showing the new roof of the maintenance building. We had to replace many areas of rusted metal deck, deteriorated gypsum deck, and the roof. Some AC units were removed or relocated requiring us to install new curbs with steel. Some skylights remained and many were removed requiring us to patch the old skylight hole with metal decking, ISO board, and new roofing.
Orlando General Contractor Commercial Roof Replacement
Orlando General Contractor Commercial New Roof
Now we get an larger aerial view showing some of the other 7 buildings we renovated. We were one of five general contractors doing work on the complex. They constantly had ongoing construction projects that required us to safely coordinate our movements around the property.
GC Renovation for Orlando Water Reclamation Center

A commercial renovation can be a big step and a major investment in your future. As an Award Winning General Contractor, we will ensure your project is professionally managed from timelines, budgets, and all other sub-contractor connections that will allow for a pleasurable experience during a complicated process.

S. A. Casey Construction is also located in Orlando. We strive to be among the best Commercial General Contractors to support all forms of business. Let us be your partners in deciding what commercial renovation will work best for you.


What People Say

"Working with you and your company for the last 5 years has been a tremendous effort of teamwork with you and your staff and mine in completing the difficult projects we have undertaken. SA Casey's work at the Commissary Kitchen, the USDA Facilities, and the two highly detailed restaurants at airside 2 at Orlando International Airport, has been great. The millions of dollars of work that SA Casey Construction has completed have allowed my company to prosper. Each project has had SA Casey personnel providing quality supervision and management for an on=time project within budget. They get the hard jobs done well! We have been doing business for 5 years and we look forward to working with your company in the future. I would recommend anyone to SA Casey Construction for their contracting needs for commercial construction, especially in the restaurant field."
Johnny R.
"Thank you so much for your help on completing VER's new 60,000 sq. ft. Orlando facility as our design-builder! After moving in and starting to operate out of the new building today, I felt compelled to take a few minutes and drop you this note of appreciation. Under the short time frame and budget with which we were working, you and Shawn's attention to detail and constant communication on this project not only allowed us to occupy the building within the shortest time frame, but also achieve a design and quality that specifically met our operational needs. Your efforts, resulting in designing, permitting and building out our new facility in 12 weeks was an amazing accomplishment, particularly with dealing with the County for permits and inspections, and my regularly ·making changes and adding scope to your contract right up to a day before our occupying the facility. I would strongly recommend you, Shawn, and SA Casey Construction to anyone considering hiring a general contractor or design builder in Florida. If there is ever anything I can do for you, Shawn or SA Casey Construction, do not hesitate to call."
Rob L.
"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the showroom build out that you guys did for us at our Orlando headquarters office. I know that we pushed you guys hard to finish the job before our busy season and you were able to complete the job ahead of schedule even with dealing with the typical permitting and inspection issues that are common with this type of project. We have received numerous compliments on the appearance and quality of the work so from all of us at CE Florida we like to recognize the superintendent Jim and all his crews for a job well done. I'd also like to thank you for the move out work done at our former location. It was completed on time and was signed off on at our final walk through with no issues from our former landlord. I'll certainly use you guys for future projects as required and would highly recommend you for anyone looking to do remodel, renovation, or tenant build out work."
Tony B.